ENTEC Environmental Technology is a national consulting and environmental service company based in Jeddah, KSA. We started our operations in 1995 and we offer our clients state-of-the-art consulting services and innovative environmental solutions. Within a short period, ENTEC gained an awe-inspiring foothold in the field of its work by establishing unique relationships with wellestablished companies, governments and renowned clients.

We are proud to be pre-qualified and certified by the Presidency of Metrology and Environment PME as a specialized Environmental firm. Also in our association with foreign professional companies experts in their respective field. Our strategy reflects “the provision of timely, efficient and economical solutions to the environmental challenges facing our clients

We Provide

The most effective solutions to environmental problems.

Quality Certification.

Qualification certificates.

Exemplary service to customers.

Bring the best and the latest environmentally friendly technologies.

Competitive prices.

Our Goals

Reaching a sustainable and safe environment for all

To support the country in its efforts to provide a healthy environment compatible with international standards of the environment and local programs.

To provide consultations, strategies and solution services focusing on efficiency, economy, and sustainability.

Our Values





Our Vision

“To be the leading providers of efficient strategies and consultations towards environmental sustainability and implementing economical innovative solutions to all sectors, for a lifestyle worth living.”