Dina Hasan Al Nahdy in SAYDATY Program

The environment is the responsibility of all and the environmental environment is now a tax of harmful behaviors. The environment suffers from dangers at the global level and in each region alone, as described by Professor Dina Al Nahdi. She talked about the suffering facing the environment in Saudi Arabia in particular. In the world ranking in terms of per capita water consumption), according to the World Water Resources Institute (WRI), then solid waste and energy.
Professor Dina Al Nahdi spoke about the importance of industrial wastewater treatment and reuse in irrigation and other industries. As well as at the level of individual importance of water conservation. She noted the signs of widespread application of alternative energy user projects. Ms. Dina mentioned several solutions to reduce risk to the environment, including green buildings. In conclusion, she called for the consolidation of efforts in awareness programs and the need to provide the necessary support to them from the public and private sectors. My Lady is talking about caring for the environment with her teacher Dina Al Nahdi.