ENTEC training forum for volunteers of hand in hand. "Day 3"

For the third day in a row, the Handahed National Initiative, in cooperation with the Maritime Safety Committee, represented by the Chairman of the Committee, Col. Naji Al-Juhani, the Commander of the Search and Rescue Center at the Border Guard in Makkah Region, continued the training of volunteers and volunteers at the " It is called "Super Clean" and "Super Fruit". It is a program that carries educational educational content with educational training opportunities to enhance the values ​​of environmental conservation
And the importance of sorting and reusing wastes in creative ways. Where the children collected the largest amount of waste dumped under the supervision of volunteers to be the winner of the title of super clean is the holder of the highest weight in kilograms of waste to begin the second phase, which is a competition (SuperFroz), a competition to sort the waste collected where the separation of the wastes of all kinds (paper, Plastic, glass) all with the participation of parents in an atmosphere of joy, joy and competition.
Environmental education is the task of preparing children for successful interaction with their environment, including different resources. This preparation requires the provision of environmental knowledge and concepts that help to understand the relationships between humans and the elements of the environment. It also requires the development and guidance of its behaviors. The direction of the environment and its trends and trends towards the conservation and preservation of the environment. The child needs to learn everything related to his environment, because his life depends on this area and depend on it, and this can be done through various activities, both inside and outside the home. The family has a great role in educating children and their education to adapt to life in the best and correct way Produces a conscious young generation with a sense of responsibility towards its environment.