ENTEC training forum for volunteers of hand in hand. "Day 2"

The National Handbook for Environmental Sustainability was launched at the Children's Center in Al-Jahani in cooperation with the Maritime Safety Committee represented by the Chairman of the Committee, Col. Naji Al-Juhani, Commander of the Search and Rescue Center of the Border Guard in Makkah Region.


A large number of volunteers, volunteers and children gathered to receive practical training on the activities and activities of the initiative, which includes the program (Sharek and Be Responsible), and the participation and participation of the participants. This was reflected through the implementation of the activities in principle, On which the initiative will be based and clarifying the nature of the tasks to which the volunteers will participate. These programs have received admiration and a nice response from them. The most important of these is the consolidation of the concept of volunteerism and their answers, as it helped them to identify themselves and their abilities in volunteering, and gave them the ability to self-confidence, and dealing with others with all fluency and courage, New concepts such as ways to deal with others and how to communicate with all age groups.

She thanked Ms. Dina Al Nahdi, the initiator of the hand-in-hand initiative for all the participants from a team of volunteers and participants, and praised all their efforts for the success of this ethical work, which we aspire to play an active role in promoting the positive behaviors of the individual and society.