ENTEC training forum for volunteers of hand in hand. "Day 1"

On the basis of social responsibility, the National Handbook for Environmental Sustainability, in cooperation with the Maritime Safety Committee, represented by the Chairman of the Committee, HE Colonel Naji Al-Juhani, Commander of the Search and Rescue Center of the Border Guard in Makkah Region, held a training session for 100 young and young volunteers on Thursday, 4/1436, where the idea of ​​the Hand in Hand National Initiative for Environmental Sustainability was presented. The objectives of the social initiative for volunteers and attendance were explained, and they were introduced to their activities and programs and also to the voluntary tasks that will accompany all the activities and activities that will follow.

The objectives and objectives of volunteering and explaining the conditions that must be met by volunteers and the role of voluntary work in developing their skills and behaviors and how important it is in serving the community and the country in general.

"Our youth and daughters are well-entrenched and have leadership qualities and the desire to develop and exploit their leisure time with jobs that benefit themselves and the society. This has been demonstrated by the great turnout of voluntary work," said Ms. Dina Al Nahdi, Entrepreneur of the Initiative. Believing in emerging generations, we have taken on the responsibility of training them in practice to enable them to elevate their performance and personal skills".