Dr Dina Delivered a Lecture on the topic "Share and be responsible".

The National Handbook for Environmental Sustainability, in coordination with the Department of Al-Thaghr Hospital in Jeddah, represented by Dr. Amal Bawazir, Health Education Supervisor, organized an environmental awareness lecture under the title "Share and be Responsible" by Ms. Dina Al Nahdi, Director General of Environment Improvement Technology Company (ENTEC) In cooperation with the Maritime Safety Committee of the Border Guard in Makkah Region.

The lecture dealt with several topics, the most important of which were environmental pollution, its types and its impact on public health, and how to avoid and reduce its negative effects by promoting positive behaviors, spreading the awareness and comprehension of the daily actions of the individual that will contribute to preserving the environmental heritage and its continuity. .

It is worth mentioning that I attended the lecture in the presence of a large number of medical and administrative staff was the most prominent:


Mr. Ahmad Al-Najrani, Medical Director at Al-Thaghr Hospital, Mr. Ahmed Al-Harbi, Director of Al-Aziziyah Hospital, Mr. Mohammed Bilal, Director of Employee Rights at Al-Thaghr Medical Hospital and Dr. Awatif Awad, Head of Internal Medicine Department. At the end of the program, Mrs. Dina Al Nahdi presented: Mr. Nasser Al-Juhani, Director General of Al-Thaghr Hospital and Dr. Amal Ba, Minister of Commemorative Shields and Certificates of Thanks for their participation and active and fruitful cooperation. Dr. Dina Al Nahdi, Director of the hospital, handed over a certificate of thanks and appreciation for her efforts and support for everything that would improve and improve this country.