ENTEC Signed a Cooperation of Agreement with the Maritime Safety Committee on the hand in hand initiative.

A cooperation agreement was signed between the Maritime Safety Committee represented by the Chairman of the Committee, Col. Naji Al-Juhani, Commander of the Search and Rescue Coordination Center at the Border Guard in Makkah Region and ENTEC represented by Professor Dina Al Nahdi. Where the focus of cooperation was the initiative of the National Handbook for Environmental Sustainability, which is the social responsibility of ENTEC, which is to spread environmental awareness and raise a sense of responsibility towards the homeland and the environment, and integrate it with the objectives of the Committee to raise awareness of marine and environmental safety. All through activities and activities centered on this subject and be addressed to all age groups.


Where the land hosted Makarim palm and Dora bride in Jeddah one of these events aimed at children to raise awareness of the environment and the importance of preserving and instilling responsibility in them through a program called competitions (Super Clean and SuperFroze) where the children collected the largest km Of the waste dumped under the supervision of volunteers to be the winner of the title of super clean is the holder of the highest weight in kilograms of waste The children collected about 30 kg of waste to begin the second phase, which is a competition (Super Fruit), a competition to sort the waste collected in the right places.

As a result of the efforts and fruitful participation, various prizes were distributed for children's games, digital cameras, cruises and money for participants. The members of the initiative team were also honored by the border guards. Likewise, the initiative has honored the border guards through Colonel / Naji Al-Juhani for these fruitful efforts and effective cooperation that would serve and improve this country.