ENTEC Company won the CSR Award.

The conference was held in Jeddah on 24-26 November 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the leading CSR conference in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its second session under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce. The conference is managed by professionals from ministerial bodies, universities, NGOs and institutions. Governmental and non-governmental organizations, universities and small and medium-sized enterprises from around the Kingdom and around the world.

ENTEC has been awarded the Social Responsibility Award in the Sustainable Environment field for the National Handbook for Environmental Sustainability, which aims at achieving environmental awareness through the modification of positive behaviors among individuals and society, raising the national sense in all segments of the society and linking them to preserving the environment. Cleanliness of the home and public and private property.

Awards were given to participants in six areas: community development, education development, employment, sustainable environment, best impact program, best organization among the competition companies for these awards Bupa - Arab Almarai, Hilton Worldwide, Saudi Economic and Development Company - SEDCO.
The conference contributes to the advancement of civilizational development through stimulating the application of social responsibility practices. Promoting positive practices in the governmental and private institutions of society through the development of moral sense and shared in sustainable development.