Building environmental Awareness is One of the services carried out by Entec to raise awareness among the population of Saudi Arabia to contribute to the preservation of the environment and utilize the resources in a sustainable manner.

Awareness is key in the process of changing human behavior, which is still the biggest threat to the environment.

Our Advantages

- A reference in the environment-oriented media.

- Creatively tying environment to what businesses offer.

- Reduce operating expenses for the facility staff.

- Experts in strategically planning & executing social initiatives, with professionals in the field of environmental media.

- Enabling companies to achieve their sustainable objectives through designing CSR programs that fit their businesses and their aspirations.

- Helping in building trust & loyalty, and enhancing the status of companies among community & nation.

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Define the corporate social responsibility in the Middle East.

Create initiatives and design social responsibility programs for companies that correspond to the national development goals.

Building trust and loyalty by customers and employees of companies and enhance the status of companies with legal entities and banking.

Promoting the Brand of the facility.

Sustainable development of the individual, society and the environment.

Identify and Develop a concept to the environmental awareness campaign.

Plan, Organize and Implement the campaign.

Execute & Produce an awareness film or documentary about campaign topic.

Authenticate the campaign both visual and audio through media & advertising means.

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